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Sauvignon Blanc Wines

Uniquely Crafted Sauvignon Blanc for a Singular Experience

A brand-new offering from Bella Union, the Rutherford Estate Sauvignon Blanc is overflowing with ripe fruit, while perfectly balanced with the crisp acidity and mineral notes for which this grape is so renowned. An intensely fragrant nose of white blossom opens up into floral spice offset by refreshing minerality. The silky body bursts with fleshy white peach and juicy golden plum notes, expertly balanced by the citrusy acidity. And yet, it's the subtle tropical tones lifting the finish that invite one to linger over each delicious sip. 

By picking a portion of the crop a full week before the final harvest, this vintage of Sauvignon Blanc brings something unique to the glass. The bright, citrusy acidity and the familiar crisp minerality you would expect are perfectly preserved with the early harvest. Meanwhile, ripe, fleshy stone fruit and tropical flavors are allowed to fully materialize and mature in the fruit that we allowed to hang longer on the vine. What comes together when the harvest is combined with the winemaking process is an exquisitely balanced and nuanced Sauvignon Blanc that is truly one-of-a-kind.

A Confluence of Nature and Winemaking

The Rutherford Estate Vineyard's Sauvignon Blanc blocks are situated at the toe of an alluvial fan extending from the western Mayacamas range. This allows the grapes to benefit from both the rich, loamy fluvial river deposits and the gravelly clay from the Bale soil series. Such a diverse and stratified structure is what provides the well-draining, fertile soil needed to grow exceptional Sauvignon Blanc in the warm and sunny climate for which the upper Napa Valley is so famous.

The result [of our craftsmanship] is a wine that’s intensely fragrant, with a ripe almost nectar-like flavor deftly balanced by lifted citrus and cool mineral notes.

— Michael Accurso, Bella Union Winemaker

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